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Warrior Ritual GT Pro guanto presa portiere per hockey - Senior

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Warrior Ritual GT Pro guanto presa portiere per hockey - Senior

The palm of the glove is now fixed and is not removable which allows the goalie to get the maximum amount of grip on the inside. The new break angle of the glove features a 70 degree closure, which is sa slightly more horizontal break compared to the stock 75 degree angle of the G3. The glove also has enhanced protection directly over the palm section of the glove to provide more protection against odd shots but still providing the maximum game ready feel.

On the backhand, there is a more traditional design which includes the ability to make adjustments while the backhand is closed, rather than opening it like on the G3. Also, the armadillo style padding has been moved slightly to cover a little more on the back of the wrist. The internal wrist area now comes with a removable shim which can tighten up the wrist for those who want an even tighter feel.

In comparison to the Warrior GT Classic Senior glove, the GT Classic Pro will feature upgraded internal foams and materials.

If you are a goalie who is looking for a glove that is one of the most technologically advanced, balanced and lightest on the market, the Warrior GT Pro is the glove for you.

  • Custom design available. For more information write us on info@itaksport.com.



Colore Guanti portiere Respinta/Presa Direzione Magazzino Tempo di consegna
Bianco/Bianco/Bianco Regular - Sinistra Ordinabile 5-10 giorni lavorativi
Bianco/Bianco/Bianco Full Right - Destra Ordinabile 5-10 giorni lavorativi

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