Bauer Prodigy Combo pantaloni per hockey - Youth


Bauer Prodigy Combo pantaloni per hockey - Youth

Let's face it: getting the young phenom ready for a game can be a hassle. Trying to find the right amount of tightness, while figuring out which is easiest to put on first and last, can be quite the conundrum. Don't worry, Bauer is here to help.

The Prodigy pant-jock-shin guard combination provides a customized fit with pant leg zippers and suspender buttons. The protection is top-notch, too.

The shin cap features double density foam with a PE insert while the knee cap is injected. The calf guard includes molded double density foam and the anchor strap along the shin provides the perfect fit to keep everything in place.

The tail pad in the pants features LD foam and a PE insert. The shell, which provides protection against incoming shots and bumps along the boards, feature nylon stretch panels throughout to ensure proper mobility for the developing player.

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