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Bauer Hose Nexus N9000 pantaloni per hockey - Senior


Bauer Hose Nexus N9000 pantaloni per hockey - Senior

  • Above the waist, Bauer uses molded high-density foams in the kidney/side protection and the spine guard for extremely lightweight top-notch protection.
  • The 1N Pants' flexible spine guard also features Seven+ Technology™ from the Cascade and Bauer IMS Helmets. Using cylindrical molded foam, the Seven+ Tech is designed to keep its natural shape and excel in managing repeated impacts for pro-level protection. 
  • Below the waist, the segmented high density foam tailbone coverage comfortably extends from the spine guard for contouring protection. The hip pads utilize a sturdy molded dome cap that fits perfectly around the side of the hip. Beneath that, thigh guards extend around the side of the leg with a 2-piece design for enhanced coverage perfect for blocking shots and getting grindy on the boards. 
  • Inside, the 1N features a 37.5™ liner which uses a player's body heat to speed up the evaporation process, and also maintains a microclimate to keep players the perfect, cool temperature.
  • The exterior of the Bauer 1N Pants is a pro-level 840 denier for strength and durability without adding unnecessary weight. Additionally, the 1N uses stretch panels and flexible gussets to keep the pants mobile and breathable. For the taller players, check out the 1" extension button system underneath the padded belt.

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