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Bauer Vapor X200 pattini da ghiaccio per hockey - Youth

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Bauer Vapor X200 pattini da ghiaccio per hockey - Youth

Designed for agility, superb heel and ankle lock allows for quick cross overs and tigher turns. Ideal for fastest of playersa.

  • Blade Holder: Tuuk Lightspeed Pro
  • Runner: Tuuk Stainless Steel
  • Ankle Padding: Comfort foam
  • Quarter Package: Sublimated Premium nylon
  • Outsole: Injected TPR
  • Tendon guard: Flexible
  • Heel Support: Patented pro-integrated, anatomical heel/ankle support
  • weight: 368g 
  • Lininig material: Microfiber
  • Footbed: Shaped EVA

The Vapor family of skates continues to be the most popular family within Bauer's 3-fit platform. Although still considered a Vapor skate, the X200 Youth goes a little outside of the typical “Vapor” fit. Instead of the standard V-fit profile (standard width through toebox, narrower fit in the heel and ankle) we are used to seeing on the Vapor line, the 200 Youth is less snug and closer to a classic style fit.

Unlike its other Vapor counterparts, the X200 Youth features only a sublimated premium nylon quarter package and will not have the OD1N concept skate-inspired thermoformed X-rib pattern. And although you cannot heat mold this skate to your foot, the quarter package will still provide adequate support during tight turns and quick cross overs.

Looking inside the boot, the X200 Youth uses a microfiber liner, which provides ultimate comfort throughout your time on the ice. While the tongue is a 1-piece felt design, composed of a 30z white felt. The boot sits atop an injected TPR outsole, which is a commonly used material for which to mount the Tuuk Lightspeed Pro holder which houses the non-removable Tuuk Stainless Steel runner.

In its class, you will find a quality skate for a low price in the Vapor X200 Youth from Bauer. Check yours out today!



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